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Dr.iur. Viktorija Jarkina

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About me

As a litigation attorney I have extensive experience in representing clients in crisis management and highly complex court cases. For almost seven years I was the head of Sorainen’s Latvia Risk Management, Compliance and Corporate Crime Investigations. Before joining Sorainen, I spent six years at another one of the largest full-service law firms, Eversheds, as a senior associate and litigator, representing clients’ interests in civil and criminal disputes. Before that, I was with the Latvian Ministry of Justice. Initially, I served as a deputy director for the European and International Law Department and later as the director of the Civil Law Department. Working both in the private and public sectors gave me a fantastic possibility to see the big picture from both sides.

Criminal law

As a specialist in civil law and commercial disputes, I saw criminal law as a hobby at first. I aimed to help clients who had suffered from economic crimes. I have successfully represented victims’ interests in very complex criminal proceedings. Later, my hobby developed into my main specialization, and I have greatly expanded my competencies also in defence in criminal cases. I love my job and have managed a successful balance between civil law and criminal law.

Corporate crime investigation

I often handle the collection of evidence for civil claims and criminal procedures, search and security of assets. The corporate investigation includes internal risk assessment and prevention, including in relation to lack of internal control and compliance with policies of the respective industry, for example, AML, corruption risks and other areas.


Nowadays for a company it is of paramount importance to be and stay compliant. Meaning that company and employees follow the laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that apply to your organization. Working with me you can be certain that any potential for wrongdoing is spotted and violations are timely detected. Also I can bring together a team that covers all areas of compliance, from tax to employment, so your needs are truly met.

Dispute resolution

Many of my projects relate to managing crisis, resolving pretrial disputes, representing clients’ interests in civil and commercial cases, and ensuring defence in criminal cases, as well as undertaking corporate investigation.

Franchise agreements

My dissertation was devoted to the topic of franchise agreements. I have practical experience in franchising, and can be officially called one of the leading specialists in franchise law in Latvia.

Scientific work

I have a doctor’s degree in law. To pursue my scientific work, I give lectures, have authored a large number of publications and give speeches at conferences.

Business Litigation

Business owners of enterprises of any shape or size are likely to run into situations that require them to seek business litigation including breach of contract, property disputes, damages and contractual penalties, reputation risks and many other commercial law or civil law related matters.

Commercial and Civil Law

Extensive practicing in the field of domestic and international commercial law, civil law, and in related legal areas shows my ability to handle even the largest and most complex disputes faced by the clients.

In July 2022 Viktorija together with attorney-at-law and tax specialist Alisa Leshkovich established law office ROCKBRIDGE Legal. Information about the law office is available at the website


  • Latvian
  • English
  • Russian


University of Latvia, Latvia (LLB, LLM, PhD in Law)

Riga Graduate School of Law, Latvia (LLM in Legal Linguistics)

Bar Admission

Latvian Bar Association