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Dispute resolution

With more than 15 years of legal experience, I am one of the recognised and acclaimed female litigators in Latvia. Also recommended as a litigation lawyer by Legal 500 and Chambers and Partners. My main practice areas are civil law, commercial law and white-collar crimes.

I come from one of the best full-service law firms in Latvia. Now as a small boutique law firm I can offer qualitative legal support and maximize my dedication to you a more personal experience than you are likely to receive with a large law firm.

Dr.iur. Viktorija Jarkina

What we are expert at

Legal Practices Area

Criminal law

As a specialist in civil law and commercial disputes, I saw criminal law as a hobby at first. My aim was to help clients who had suffered from economic crimes. I have successfully represented victims’ interests in very complex criminal proceedings. Later, my hobby developed into my main specialization, and I have greatly expanded my competencies also in defence in criminal cases. I love my job and have managed a successful balance between civil law and criminal law.

Corporate crime investigation

I often handle collection of evidence for civil claims and criminal procedures, search and security of assets. Corporate investigation includes internal risk assessment and prevention, including in relation to lack of internal control and compliance with policies of the respective industry, for example, AML, corruption risks and other areas.


Nowadays for a company it is of paramount importance to be and stay compliant. Meaning that company and employees follow the laws, regulations, standards, and ethical practices that apply to your organization. Working with me you can be certain that any potential for wrongdoing is spotted and violations are timely detected. Also I can bring together a team that covers all areas of compliance, from tax to employment, so your needs are truly met.

Dispute resolution

Many of my projects relate to managing crisis, resolving pretrial disputes, representing clients’ interests in civil and commercial cases, and ensuring defence in criminal cases, as well as undertaking corporate investigation.

Franchise agreements

The topic of my dissertation was devoted to franchise agreements. I have good practical experience in drafting franchise agreements supported by extensive theoretical knowledge.

Scientific work

I have a doctor’s degree in law. To pursue my scientific work, I give lectures, have authored a large number of publications and give speeches at conferences.

Business Litigation

Business owners of enterprises of any shape or size are likely to run into situations that require them to seek business litigation including breach of contract, property disputes, damages and contractual penalties, reputation risks and many other commercial law or civil law related matters.

Commercial and Civil Law

Extensive practicing in the field of domestic and international commercial law, civil law, and in related legal areas shows my ability to handle even the largest and most complex disputes faced by the clients.


Law is complicate matter. It can cause you a big problem.
Avoid the dangers of dealing with complex matters without a lawyer. Find your lawyer.

    What we are expert at

    Why Clients Choose Us

    We are a team of energetic and progressive lawyers helping our clients succeed. Our team’s members gained their extensive experience in various law practises and spend a lot of time to develop their professional knowledge. We are against snobbism and literal thinking. We support out of the box thinking, creativity and alternative solutions.

    We work with passion providing high quality legal service with almost mother care and for reasonable price, what we believe differentiate us from big law offices. Clients rely on us to support their needs and we are not letting them down focusing on the most suitable legal solution for every situation. We think that each client is unique and needs a special legal treatment meaning that there are no two same solutions for two different clients. There is no need to buy our legal services if we cannot help our clients succeed. Helping client succeed is  a hard work between us and our clients that results in mutual success and satisfaction. We love what we do and are professionals in it.

    Author Dr.iur. Viktorija Jarkina

    My Books

    Franchise in theory and practice

    Franchising in Theory and Practice: A Franchise Agreement in the Framework of Civil Law

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